Engineering Services

Engineering Services

The expectations and requierements of customers and investors increase constantly. VM ENGINEERING is pleased to help companies prepare complex engineering plans and solve their potential problems.

VM ENGINEERING sees opportunities where other engineering companies see challenges. We know the importance of the engineering team for your business. We understand nowadays push on manufacturing companies in terms of the work environment, global challenges, tools, techniques, and personal and professional skills as well.

VM ENGINEERING is the company you can rely on.

Outsourcing will provide you with a seamless process that combines engineering with the overall growth of your company. Our strong engineering background, resourcefulness, and evolving client list help us to strive for new challenges in engineering and make us unique and qualified to work with teams of any size.

Thanks to the experience gained so far, VM ENGINEERING is fully prepared to address future challenges.


Careful and precisely targeted analysis forms the basis for constructions that we later produce. We can also perform separate analyzes to determine the suitability of a particular engineering concept.


For many complex structures, it is necessary to analyze the final output for verifying draft concepts. However, VM ENGINEERING relies not only on FEA. Instead, it is used in conjunction with classical analysis and experimentation to make sure the accurate and proven results will be delivered.


Neglecting of a draft thermal analysis can lead to many problems. VM ENGINEERING is well-equipped for analyzing heat transfer and thermodynamics problems. If there is a lack of performance or insufficient durability caused by heat-related conditions, we can usually identify and solve the problem.


Control systems require specialized analytical techniques that make their design and control considerably complex. VM ENGINEERING focuses on system identification. The goal is to capture the dynamics and parameters of the investigated system. Our experience allows us to solve many control and dynamic issues that are often simple and straightforward.


VM ENGINEERING offers, among other things, technical drawing and documentation of all levels. We draw assemblies, components, manuals, kinematic and other studies.