Manufacturing Process´ Automation

Manufacturing Process´ Automation



No two machine designs are consistent. However, the cost-effective process of designing and building machines shows constant features. From simple mechanisms to computer controlled robot wonders with artificial intelligence applied, VM ENGINEERING is an expert on design, analysis and production.


We are preparing CAD / CAM models, detailed drawings that include assembly instructions and complete documentation that suits your needs. We can customize your design to desired quantity of production. Even at a low production volume, we will ensure efficiency of your business.


VM ENGINEERING has been involved in mechatronic design for quite a long time. More than 50 companies are using our technology. We have already designed and manufactured a diverse range of electromechanical instrumentation and control devices.


Devices designing often requires consideration of the operator and his work environment. Our experience with measuring systems and user interface enables us to design devices that are easy to use and accurate.


Control systems require expert knowledge of both the physical system and the theoretical background. VM ENGINEERING can add and link a wide range of features to most projects. That means we are able to effectively design and integrate almost any control system.

Using standard computing techniques, electronics and standard components, we can design robust control systems for most industrial and research operations. We have built hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electromagnetic control systems that meet the strictest industry standards. All that in a short time and at unbeatable prices.

Feedback management is a science in itself. VM ENGINEERING is an expert in system analysis, software writing and hardware integration needed to control almost any system, including those related to nonlinear devices and regulators. We achieve maximum performance where others fail to find the best solution.


VM ENGINEERIG is a system integrator of leading brands. We deliver such robotic workplaces that bring our customers clear benefits in the field of automation of manufacturing processes.

When designing a robotic workplace, different criteria come into play: load, center of gravity and inertia, working environment, speed and cycle time, or robot accuracy.

We choose the best solution for you that suits your requirements. We can also recommend suitable robots such as Scara robots with Delta kinematics, or 6 or 7-axis robots from well-known manufacturers:

Fanuc, Kuka, ABB, Motoman and others.

We build GPT (General Purpose Technology) equipment often linked to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), including machine vision or mach learning (deep learning) algorithms. Devices can also perform multiple functions with automated change of tools.

Robots can be combined with standard gripping devices or provide an effective tent system for you. That includes for example vacuum tentacles, multiple tentacles or universal tentacle replacement systems. We provide high standard service plans for our workplaces.


At VM ENGINEERING, we are proud of our knowledge in the field of industrial camera systems. We build our own control systems in accordance with your requirements, choosing only top suppliers. This is because we are constantly trying to provide you with the fastest and most accurate systems.

Over the years, we have been working on a large number of CCTV systems for medium-sized businesses as well as large, well-known companies. We have received many positive feedbacks and have became reputed providers of high-quality systems.

Our knowledge of camera systems can help you radically improve your production process, regardless of the size of your business or manufactured products. We are flexible and provide our capacity, knowledge and engineering capabilities both for complete business soulutions as well for helping with any issues with your camera system, requiring complex system service. From the initial design phase to assembly and installation, we will not only respect your new camera system requirements, but also provide 24 hours a day phone or internet support if needed.

How can the camera system help me?

Industrial Camera System is a technology used on production lines at manufacturing workplaces where it greatly reduces costs for the manufacturer.


By replacing human resources with automated camera systems, you will have a better and more cost-effective production process. This is because CCTV systems are considerably faster, more accurate and more consistent than human work. This means you will have more control over your processes and you can set predefined parameters to control; Whether it’s material, finished products ready for approval or rejection, or the final process of the manufactured products packaging.